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Start Making 5-Figures a Year as a Web Designer with No Design experience-or any coding skills

Sign up for the beginner training bundle. It's a simple 7-day process taking you through all the steps from beginner to money maker.

You believe this is hard? nope...

My girl friend slapped my hand after I taught her these skills. Now she's the master of her own website. (with no previous experience)

Because Web Design is not like in the 90's. Now you will create professional beautiful looking websites, visually.

And I will teach you all the steps, give you all the resources, and share my workflows and scripts.

So in this training you will get:
  • Pre-written script templates to close the deal with clients
  • Your brand new domain of your choice
  • A new professional business website
  • Ready to go invoicing tool to get paid from day one
  • All the resources that I use in my own business as Web Designer
  • Unique discounts on services you'll be using in your work
  • Productivity tips and workflows to make you efficient and love your work
  • The best resources to get advice, help, and motivation
  • A Web Designers checklist on the best tools, software, and plugins  
  • A productive worksheet to keep you on track in the progress
Can you check Yes on the following boss lifestyle checklist?...

You would like to built and add a 5-figure income to your lifestyle


Have more freedom and be able to travel the world


Grow your income by building passive income streams


Break free, become your own boss, and decide your own time


Yes, I’d like clients who love my work and keeps coming back


So what are people saying?

Also The right direction
"Having been Johnny’s Partner Manager at Shopify, I can attest to the high quality of work he produces for his clients and how vital he has been to our growth, not only in Norway but in the rest of the Nordics as well. As one of our first European partners, Johnny has been one of the first people I turn to when validating decisions about his markets"

Amanda Marochko
//Partnerships & International Growth AMEA, Shopify Inc.
Shopify Expert and Partner support
"John has created an easy to understand book out of the complex and vast world of Web Design. He clearly has long experience and knows what he is talking about. It’s short and easy to read and he uses humor to brighten things up. On top of that, you get follow up emails and a host of links to the tools, services, and platforms you need"

Henning Jon Grini
//Author and Entrepreneur
I always wanted to start my own side gig or business. But I didn’t have a clue at all what to do and where to begin.

John has shown me how to start, which tools to use, and made all clear and easy to follow, even for me as complete beginner with no knowledge.

Nives Kurjak
//Podcast advisor and editor
Then YES, you’re ready to join the tribe of students and get the book, the email training, all the resources, and have you set up in one week with to become a Web Designer.

Will this work for me you ask?

If you have as little education, no coding skills, and never took any training in design or drawing like me, then yes.

My girlfriend had NO prior experience in anything Web Design before she simply ‘took over’ the build of her own website. So yes, then you can too. 

And yes, if you follow my steps, you WILL have a new website. You WILL have a ready to go system to get paid by your clients, and you WILL built  your own sites. And for your customers, if it’s money you want to grow your income.
Are you ready to use the skills you already have to raise your income, claim more freedom, and trigger a new career path?...
This training launches October 14th. 2019.
Get in early, save 50%, and pre-order the full program and training today

This offer available only for a short time.
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