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25. August, 2019
1 Effortless and Simple Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

What do you NOT know about all the visitors on your website? Google Analytics can be a hassle to use, but you need to observe your traffic so you don’t lose out on important indications. This plugin will give you a beautiful and simple analytics dashboard for WordPress that will make you clearly see and understand useful visitor details.

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6. August, 2019
How to Limit Hotspot Data Usage While Working Happily On the Go

Many of us freelancers and Digital Nomads love to work remotely on our laptops. More often then not, we need to use our mobile phone 3G and 4G connection to get connected, which can be risky unless you know how to limit hotspot data usage or an app while working on the go.

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2. August, 2019
How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website for Better Ranking

A WordPress blog or business website can grow to be heavy and slow to load. This is not good for the user experience or for ranking in Google. But there is an elegant and clever method on how to speed up a WordPress website for better ranking.

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19. July, 2019
3 Utterly Productive Project Management Tools for New Web Designers

In this article, I will show you which systems to choose from, and what I consider productive project management tools for Web Designers and creative entrepreneurs.

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18. June, 2019
3 Effective and Lightweight Social Share Plugins for WordPress in 2019

It's simple to install social share plugins for WordPress, but you should keep in mind that it must be effective and lightweight at the same time. I know which options are awesome, so in this article I'm making it easy for you to pick between 3 effective and lightweight social share plugins for WordPress.

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13. June, 2019
Exceptional Form Builder for WordPress with a Gorgeous Design

If you’re looking to build a beautiful form with different field types, capture payments, conditional fields, to cover all your needs and what not, maybe jumping on to the free plugins is not always the best solution. There’s only ONE plugin I use, and it's the best form builder for WordPress that I know of.

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8. June, 2019
3 of the Best VPN Services for Essential Freelancer Security

You don’t want to expose or risk either your private data, your freelance business, or any of your client communication. So we use VPN. But there’s a few cruicial details to make sure we choose the best anonymous VPN service. I’ll make it simle and suggest three expert VPN services in this article.

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7. June, 2019
Top 3 Quality Hosting Sites for Beginner Web Designers and Website Owners

I always recommend what I know website owners will love and find both useful and flexible. For you and your customers, here's my suggestion on quality hosting for beginner Web Designers.

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1. June, 2019
Can I Become a Web Designer Without Coding Skills?

When school sucks and any random employee job sucks more, you may be looking to become a proficient Web Designer with regular clients that love you and your work. Then you ask, can I become a web designer without coding skills? Yes you can, and I will tell you why and how in this article.

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30. May, 2019
3 Ways to Send an Invoice Through Email as a Web Designer

As soon as you have a web design project and customer, you should send an invoice totalling at least 50% of estimated price in advance. So in this article I will show you how to send invoice through email, with online payment option, as a beginner Web Designer.

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29. May, 2019
Brilliant Ways to Receive Payment Notifications from PayPal and Stripe

You’re a Web Designer, or you sell something on your website, so when your clients start to pay you for the work you do, how do you get payment notifications from Paypal and Stripe? I got a must-have app to share with you in this article that everyone getting paid online should have.

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